Basic fish shooting game-winning formula

1. Use ammunition to bet on

The first formula that helps gamblers I’ve won countless games. is to choose to use ammunition to bet on Profit from shooting fish is Ammunition management to be Because the amount of ammunition is equal to the bet we go down. Simple ammunition management, such as shooting a fish with 10 baht per bullet, a fish that shoots scores 10 times, the reward is 100 baht. We have to

limit the amount of ammunition we use to no more than 10 rounds (100 baht) toa get profit from. shooting that fish in which to play for the first time It’s best to play a little to see the trends of the game and the different types of fish first. If you start to master it, then increase your shot amount. However, depending on the situation of the game.

2. Play gradually.

Most of the players who lose inbetflix fish shooting games It’s because you can play impatiently. But the truth is, the rule of playing every game is to be mindful and not impatient if you can’t shoot any fish. must know the break Overdoing it will only cost us more. When the break is already in place Try to

come back and play again little by little first, so playing little by little, gradually earning credits is the best thing to do

3. Don’t fire in rapid succession, but instead focus on shooting with a target.

The last basic winning formula. It’s a targeted shooter. Don’t get fired in this game. because of the bursts of fire when a large number of fish came out will hit the target This is a wrong idea. because of the bombardment Besides probably not being hit It’s also a waste of a credit.

is the credit that we add therefore there is a chance of loss This makes you have to top up frequently even though you still don’t accumulate much credit.