A requirement for faith

Every child who is truly born of God desires to have faith, more faith, and a great deal of faith so that they, too, can bear fruit that is plenty, abundant, and plentiful. Because pleasing God is impossible apart from having faith in him. Hebrews 11:6 is cited. Because it is through your fruitfulness that my heavenly Father is exalted. John 15:8. The majority of us have prayed for more faith, seeking to be like a spiritual giant in the religion. We frequently aspire to spiritual “success” – without accepting the violent agony that comes along with it. frequently skipping ahead to the final chapter of the book in order to avoid reading about the long trip through life.

Development of Faith

The fact of the matter is, however, that genuine faith is almost always strengthened by adversity and test. But opposition means deep anguish, deep despair, deep loss, and deep aloneness. And trials entail profound disappointments and a deep refinement of all that relies on one’s own resources. Oh, “fake” confidence may hurt, discourage, or even destroy dishonest “faith.” However, genuine faith in the One Who can be trusted will be refined and honed; however, this process takes time… and it takes pain. Much time and too frequently deep, profound pain.

Faith Put to the Test

Every great man of God who is mentioned in the Bible or who played an important role in church history eventually came to see Peter’s truth. That the testing of your faith, which is far more precious than gold that will eventually deteriorate, should, despite being put through the crucible of testing, be discovered to be to the acclaim, honor, and glory of Jesus Christ when He appears. — 1 Peter 1:7

Faith’s Daily Bread

It takes only a moment to be saved by faith, and praise be to God, the process is complete at the moment of rebirth. God takes great pleasure in steadily growing the faith of his children one step at a time, one line at a time. Sanctifying faith is the gradual, lifelong construction of trust over the course of an entire lifetime. In a perverse way, tests of faith are strengthened by adversity in the form of hurdles, problems, and even failures. Ironically, the things that contribute to trust are the very things that we try to steer clear of.

God Dependence

However, faith is utter and unreserved reliance on God, which is expressed via belief in His Word. Faith means acknowledging without reservation that what He says is true and being dependent solely on Him. Faith can be defined as a state of utter, complete, and entire dependence upon God… and only God. And God, in His infinite prudence, knows that in order to build true faith, He must first destroy all forms of self-reliance. One by one, He removes every shred of support on which we’ve come to rely, whether it be a person or a place; a creed or a reputation–whether it be through the loss of a loved one; illness; financial hardship; emotional anguish; or a broken promise.

A Religious Instruction

This is how one of the most revered Christians ever to live put it: “Faith is dependence upon God.” And this dependence on God does not start until the self-dependency is removed. And for some of us, self-reliance only comes to an end when we are brought to a state of self-helplessness and defeat by things like sadness, suffering, affliction, broken plans, and lost hope. And it is only then that we find that we have learnt the lesson of faith; to find our modest craft of life surging onward to a blessed victory of life; a victory of life and power and service undreamt of; a victory in the days of our past, fleshly strength and self-reliance; and so on.

Full Dependence

Every child who is truly born of God longs to have faith, much faith, even more faith, in the hopes that it would enable them to bear fruit that is plentiful and abundant. But every aspect of self-reliance needs to be eliminated. In order for total dependence on Christ to replace every other dependency.

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