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Example Battery Spec. – 31 collection Battery
You Cannot Check CCA or CA on A Brand New Battery Accurately
If you do test state-of-the-art batteries the reading will no longer be steady. You can take two trendy batteries and check them each and the readings will now not howo be the same. Batteries Must Cycle At Least 1 or More Time. When the usage of hand held trying out electronics, make certain that the connections are on lead posts and no longer at the steel stud post. The real stud is made from metal and will also now not deliver an accurate CCA rating. To correctly take a look at batteries with steel post a lead adaptor need to be screwed onto the screw post and make sure that it is screwed on tight. If this isn’t always done the tester will not provide you with an accurate studying. This will cause you to send the battery again for warranty and causing it not to pass the assurance inspection. And constantly make certain which you have continually recharged the battery for at the least sixteen hours on min charge of five amps earlier than testing battery. Charging the battery to rapid at high amperage will cause the battery no longer to fee because the battery is made from water and acid. Slow rate stirs the battery acid and water collectively.

Usually a posted CCA rating on a battery is the min CCA rating that it’s going to supply out. After The Battery Has Cycled The CCA Rating Will Read Higher Than Rated.

This Rating Is ONLY The Guaranteed Minimum For Each Unit Of This Series.