Here are reasons why you should set up camera in your car in Thailand

These days car cameras are items that many drivers have set up in their cars while driving in Thailand for all kinds of cars as there are many reasons behind it. In this article we will look through together how it is important to have a car camera for your cars while driving in Thailand.

1.    To use videos in car camera as evidence when an accident happens

The main reason to have a camera in your car is to record while you are driving and if an accident ever happens, you have this video to use as evidence to police and your insurance company for claiming. Even Though you think you are pretty good at driving, we cannot deny that accidents can happen anytime and to make sure that it will be okay.

Having a car camera is the way out as even if you just park your car somewhere, another driver can even crash with your car while you are not there. The other way is to remember the car number plate or to check CCTVs around when it happens but that is so much work and you may not be fast enough to remember the ligitant’s car number plate.

2.    To protect yourself from ill-wishers

Apart from using videos to be evidence of unexpecting accidents, it is to protect yourself from ill-wishers as well. You may have heard news about people who just jump off to cars to get treatment costs or compensation or threaten you to pay money when an accident happens from your side, just to name a fews. If you have a car front camera to record what happens then you can use it to protect yourself from this kind of situation and use it for evidence.

3.    To record travel routes

Moreover, you can use it to record travel routes that you can rewatch to check the way back when you need to. The cool thing is that car cameras now sometimes come with GPS systems that you can use to check travel history that are really useful for commercial purpose cars such as delivery cars for example.

4.    To check behaviours of drivers

If you are an entrepreneur and want to check the behaviour of your employee, you can set a car camera to check and make sure that your employee only uses cars for what they should and also make sure that they represent good picture for your company when it comes to following traffic rules and others as they may always travel in your car company’s with logo on.

5. Easy to claim with car insurance in Thailand

If you have a car camera to capture the car number plate of your litigant, then you can use it to claim insurance cover cost if you did not apply for 1st class car insurance in Thailand.

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