What are the most worthwhile travel options in Thailand for people who stay in Thailand for long?

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Are you foreigners who plan to stay in Thailand for long? You may want to consider which ways are the most worthwhile when it comes to travel options in Thailand. If we talk about traveling in Thailand, there are many ways you can travel in Thailand. For example, in Bangkok, there are public transportations which are buses, vans, trains, subways, skytrains and taxis, etc. However, some people do not like to use public transportations as they are not so convenient.

Buses in Bangkok are still pretty old, mostly do not have AC, so full with people and drive pretty fast. Vans are also pretty full with people, go only in some parts of the city and you need to wait for so long. For subways and skytrains, they are pretty full with people and the price is increasing now and then. Lines of subways and skytrains are also not covered around Bangkok yet. For trains, trains in Thailand are mostly old and slow. Better trains are pretty pricey that you may want to consider booking a flight instead.

Which way of travel is the most worthwhile in Thailand?

We have talked about public transportations for a bit before but let’s compare between taking a taxi, renting a car and buying a car.

Taking Taxi

Taking a taxi is not so convenient as you need to look for one on a street when you never know when they will come. Sometimes they do not want to go with metre calculation because they want to charge you more. Taxis are also well known for refusing   passengers when they have to go  somewhere too close,too far or where the traffic is jammed.

Renting a car

Renting a car  in Thailand can cause around 1,000 – 1,500 Baht per day. It will be so pricey when you want to rent for a bit longer to travel somewhere. Apart from that, as it is not your car, you need to worry so much about the car getting  scratched from a piece of rock on the road and whether the car rental company may charge you more on top.

Buying a car

Buying a car seems like the best option for foreigners who want to stay in Thailand as you can go anywhere and anytime you want. There are quite a number of Japanese cars you can get which you can afford as well.

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