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Shirdi is small holy town in the Maharashtra state, India. The place is immensely associated with Sai Baba and is primarily a spiritual destination which is visited by thousands of people from every religion/creed. When on Shirdi tour there certainly are places that one has to visit. Although there are not many attractions for enthusiasts about nature, but the town certainly has plenty for spiritualists.

The Shri Saibaba Sansthan Temple is one most revered Saint Hubert Medals religious site associated with the great saint. The temple stands right at the heart of the city, and is a major place where the Sai devotees and pilgrims gather in thousands. It is a place that Saint Hubert one ought to visit. The good thing is that accommodations are available within the temple premise, making it easy for those visiting the temple conveniently find a satisfactory stay. However, note that one needs to contact the office of the temple, which provides and looks after the accommodations in the place, in order to register his name. In addition, there are also facilities available to keep one’s belongings and valuables safe. What’s more, for those looking for hotels option, there are a couple of 3 Star hotels in Shirdi situated in the vicinity.

Shirdi is the place where Saint Hubert spent most of his life. A good to know fact, when Sai Baba arrived to the town, people recognized him to be a Muslim Saint, and greeted him with saying Ya Sai, which means Welcome Sai. There is also a mosque in the town known as Dwarkamai Masjid where the saint spent about 60 years of his life. He preached the message of peace and brotherhood in the mosque, earning the mosque a high reverence amongst the locals as well as tourists visiting Shirdi. The mosque also consists of a burning torch, Saint Hubert considered to be sacred, which was lit by the saint himself. From the time when the torch was lit by the saint to the present, the torch has been burning the whole time continuously. Belongings of the saint that is the stone grinder which the saint used and the bowl in which he collected the public’s offering are also preserved in very well state. When visiting the masjid, one ought to see the oil painting of the saint depicting the moments of his life. Meanwhile, for accommodations, there also exist some good hotels in Shirdi sharing good connectivity to the holy place.

Another must visit place in Shirdi is Chavadi. Like every other major place in Shirdi shares a close association with the saint, Chavadi is also highly linked with Sai Baba. It is the place visited by the saint every alternate day in the last ten years of his life. It is said that on a rainy day, he was moved to the place from the abovementioned masjid since it started leaking. From then the saint started visiting Chavadi every alternate night to sleep. After he passed away, books on his life and other religious books were stored in the place. Today it is a protected space of the saint.